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Boletín de Julio 2010 (Vol. 4, nº. 7) Versión español

Newsletter July 2010 (Vol. 4, nº. 7) English version

Boletín de noticias \ Boletín Vol. 4, nº. 7 (July, 2010)


Now available on the Quality Plan Web: Proposed basic educational contents and educational materials for training the National Health System professions in measures to combat Gender Violence, which will be applicable throughout the entire National Health System

Following approval at the Interterritorial Council Meeting held on July 22, 2010, the data is now available concerning Surgery and Outpatient Visit Waiting Lists in the National Health System on December 31, 2009

News in the Primcary Care Information System: An historical and current status analysis has been published of the primary care service portfolios in force in the Autonomous Communities in the document “Primary Care Services Portfolio: Development, Organization, Uses and Contents”. Similarly, the Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures Provided in Primary Care as well as the list of Diagnostic Tests Directly Accessible Through Primary Care in Each Autonomous Community have been updated. Additionally, as part of the Extra-hospital Emergencies Report, the documents Organization of Extra-hospital Emergency Care and the Extra-hospital Emergency Mechanisms Extant in Each Autonomous Community has been updated

Free access to the resource tool advanced MBDS indicators (icmbd)” eliminating the accessing credentials required to date. This information covers the 2001-2007 period

In June 2010, a new installment of the OECD Health Data 2010 has been published, with health and services indicators affording the possibility of analyzing and comparing the 34 OECD member countries

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