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Digital Health Strategy of the National Health System (SNS)

Digital Health Strategy of the National Health System, 2021-2026 File pdf. Will open in a new window

Digital Services for citizens

Within the National Health System, citizens can move from one autonomous region to another and request health care or obtain the dispensation of a medicinal product or a medical device in another region. When this happens, professionals, to provide an adequate service, need a system that allows them to consult clinical information regardless of where it has been generated. To meet this need, in the National Health System (SNS) the Ministry of Health coordinates a health information interoperability system that benefits citizens and professionals through the services of the Individual Health Card, Digital Medical Record of the SNS and Electronic Prescription of the SNS.


Under the coordination of the Ministry of Health based on Law 16/2003, of 28 May, on Cohesion and Quality, together with the autonomous regions, health information interoperability is facilitated through:

  • The unique identification system of the persons protected by the SNS through a common Individual Health Card (TSI) Database (DB).
  • Access services for healthcare professionals to the patient's Digital Medical Record (HCD) from any point in the system.
  • Citizens' on-line access to their digital medical records from any location, via electronic ID or another digital certificate.
  • The Electronic Prescription system interoperable in the SNS that allows the dispensing from any retail pharmacy, by electronic means, of the medicinal product prescribed in another autonomous region.

The common framework for the development of digital health transformation initiatives in the public sector is the Digital Health Strategy of the National Health System, 2021-2026 File pdf. Will open in a new window


To ensure continuity of care not only at SNS level but also at European level, a European Interoperability Framework for Cross-Border eHealth Information Services (CBeHIS) has been developed. The goal is to ensure access to safe, high-quality health care.

This interoperability framework facilitates the development of two services known as Mi Salud@UE (My Health@ EU)

  • Electronic prescription and dispensing (eP and eD), which allows a medicinal product prescribed electronically by a healthcare professional in your country of origin to be dispensed in any retail pharmacy in another country of the European Union, and
  • The EU Patient Summary, which allows a healthcare professional from another EU member state to view the clinical information of a European citizen.

Spain, through the clinical information systems created within the National Health System, participates in this European service. This service is coordinated by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Autonomous Regions. For more information on each of these services and their status, you can access the electronic prescription or digital medical record section.

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